viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

In the final days, varsity scholars had examinations, and in Leon, Europe, we are able to take an example: Business Faculty and Marketing studies

Digital Selling in Europe and University
At the Universidad de Leon there are scholars from France, Brazil, South America and other European states (of course, most of them Leonese). Results were awesome. Grammar, vocabulary, and general knowledge were incredibly low, extremely down.
When they were talking about Iberianpeninsula, just two them known or at the very least spotted, that we were talking about Spain and Portugal.We are not going to discuss Gibraltar or Andorra, but it was amazing for me that most of them forgot Portugal. In Euro 2012 Spain and Portugal played the semifinal in the UEFA Championship but this fact is merely a joke in this surround.

Internet Marketing concepts and Promoting students
Most terrible at all were their digital promoting knowledge. Most of them didn't know basic points about web, Net, social networks and, of course, when they had to talk of SEO, Pay-per-click or Facebook, it was a entire disaster. Social networks like LinkedIn, social media, are positively unknown for a lot of them, and I repeat, they are last year scholars.
When we were talking about what was a P. C. , one of them answered "we know that idea, we all know what a P. C. is, but we don't have enough words for outlining it". Yes, we are talking about 25 years old university students, with a diploma degree and prepared for business?? For getting a job.

The execs for the subsequent future
Hopefully, the new generation is fantastic. Just about all of them had very good marks, good grammar, good data and were especially good when they should investigate advertising, music videos or web campaigns.
Why does Spain have this amazing gap between last school and first university students?
Results are that when the economy is falling down, the ones that should occupy best qualified jobs are the worst generation of the history.
Let's wait one or two years for seeing a future beyond the crisis.

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