viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

5 Tips for building a web

Online Marketing for Marketers

1. Selecting a domain name
When picking a domain name we have three factors:
  • It has to be identifiable by our targeted customers
  • It must be short
  • It suits our Search Engine Optimization strategies
To do that we have 2 options.
The 1st one is when the needed domain is free. We can buy it for a bit less than $10.
The 2nd one is already occupied, which is available if we can evaluate the acquisition, and if it is we can make an offer to the owner. We have to think about SEO can be seen here:
We have got to price very well if the price we are willing to pay for a domain is sufficient, and we must study the degree of development of our digital marketing plan thru the selected name and the amount of visits that we get thru this name.

2. Name Registration
We need a first line company. This company must offer you the chance to buy available addresses and , the chance to offer an amount in case they have possession. It's important to select a provider with good prices.
The procedure have to be simple and immediate its discharge, so we will be able to save the price of search and comparison centralizing our domains there. It's a digital marketing (more info here: question.

3. Conversions
A good site is dedicated exclusively to prospect-customer conversion. Its design must be tasty and the profiles (not more than 3) well outlined but the name must connect to the content.

4. One domain or even more domains
Following our strategy for choosing the name, it must not to buy one domain, but all the ones that are in the orbit of our company to ensure that visitors who mistyped go to our website. And remember, this is also a need for preventing its acquisition by our competition. It's sad to notice how they buy similar domains to ours and they drive the traffic that we could have generated to their sites.
5. Social Networks
It's critical to mix this assignment with the policy of social networks. Why? It's important that our site address, email and social network names will be similar or even better, the same for all of them.
With this easy steps, we can build all our website plans, doing it after can complicate our way for success.

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