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Google+: the new era of Social Media

Google+ is one of the latest social media and the one that grew up in a fast way in less time. Now, Google+ is adding day by day several features for gaining market shareYoutube integration was a cool tool introduced not so long ago, being one of the more engaging ones Google+ Pages.

Google+ for a Digital Marketing Consultant

Google+ was created as a network for real people with name and surname were nicks were not authorized. In this sense, Brands and collectives were not allowed to sign for a Google+ account. 

Google+ had been just for real people, so, none could make a brand profile, like it may be done with nets like Facebook or Twitter without any problem.

True name, like Abel Pardo or whatever only have been Google's policy from the first days in this network, but it's an actual fact that this policy were damaging its development. 

What was the solution? Let brands to sign up for an account, what implied different changes for Google+: new logo, new try for attacking the control of Facebook and new campaigns where the result of this digital marketing strategy.

Do you need a Google+ brand

It could be. Now no-one knows what Google+ is for, and users probes it like if they were using Facebook, Twitter, both or a "combo".

My proposal is to apply for an account by two main reasons. First for having your own brand there, like a brand policy. Then has no cost, you can save money, so you've got to take in count time and resources your business is going to spend in that net.

Here I introduce you some questions

There are some things about if a brand really desires, needs or just wants a Google+ Pages account or not.

  • What are you going to do in Google+ Pages?
  • What are your objectives for this network?
  • Is it going to be interesting for your brand?
  • What type of profit are you waiting to take?
  • How many hours, resources, efforts are you going to spend in Google+?
  • Is your ROI going to be satisfactory or merely a joking?

These are the main questions for however that will try to develop some activities in this network, so, first think a bit about it and then develop your skills for getting your targeted objectives.

Don't forget to focus and have an Online Marketing Plan for reaching what you plan.

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