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Targets, visitors and personas

Do you have to target?

Web gurus have suggested us to outline our targets and looking for criteria for developing personas. Is this necessary for presenting a web to a lead or costumer? Conclusively yes.

Merely a website developed for "being" or "showing" is demodé and put us out of the market. Our web is not for ourselves or for having the ok from the proprietary of the business, but for our future clients. Our presence in Web, when we are talking about marketing, must be a tool for engaging leads and convert them into customers. So , if our visitors have different profiles, we must evolve our website to the personas we wish to convert into clients. Here we'll save money in PPC.

How many segments should be made

It is necessary to have at least a pair of personas selected, being the perfect number between 3 and 7. My own suggestion is 3. Why? 3 personas cover all the personality characters and simplify the building of the site and that could be a reasonable number.

Why this number? The fact is that choosing 3 personas we can cover all the personality characters and clarify the building of the site. More of that would complicate our efforts and less could let a hole in our prospection. This is a key point for SEO purposes.

It's the same system for USA than for Europe.

Suggestions for a Web site

We have selected 3 personas for developing our systems. In this sense, it should be important to define the site for the following ones:

* Persona 1: Methodical folk
* Persona 2: Humanistic folk
* Persona 3: Spontaneous/competitive folks

You must change your site with the goal of converting all that kind of visitors or leads into customers and it is required, when defined, a clear call to action. So we need at least 3 calls to action, one for each personality.

Also, it's high recommendable to build three different landing pages or even three different subdomains where every kind of personality could find what they are attempting to find. After that, we have to develop a webscan for controlling everything goes OK and we are almost ready for digital marketing experiences.
So, we will be able to optimize our talents for converting them into new customers and get our objective for our site: profits.

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