viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

In the final days, varsity scholars had examinations, and in Leon, Europe, we are able to take an example: Business Faculty and Marketing studies

Digital Selling in Europe and University
At the Universidad de Leon there are scholars from France, Brazil, South America and other European states (of course, most of them Leonese). Results were awesome. Grammar, vocabulary, and general knowledge were incredibly low, extremely down.
When they were talking about Iberianpeninsula, just two them known or at the very least spotted, that we were talking about Spain and Portugal.We are not going to discuss Gibraltar or Andorra, but it was amazing for me that most of them forgot Portugal. In Euro 2012 Spain and Portugal played the semifinal in the UEFA Championship but this fact is merely a joke in this surround.

Internet Marketing concepts and Promoting students
Most terrible at all were their digital promoting knowledge. Most of them didn't know basic points about web, Net, social networks and, of course, when they had to talk of SEO, Pay-per-click or Facebook, it was a entire disaster. Social networks like LinkedIn, social media, are positively unknown for a lot of them, and I repeat, they are last year scholars.
When we were talking about what was a P. C. , one of them answered "we know that idea, we all know what a P. C. is, but we don't have enough words for outlining it". Yes, we are talking about 25 years old university students, with a diploma degree and prepared for business?? For getting a job.

The execs for the subsequent future
Hopefully, the new generation is fantastic. Just about all of them had very good marks, good grammar, good data and were especially good when they should investigate advertising, music videos or web campaigns.
Why does Spain have this amazing gap between last school and first university students?
Results are that when the economy is falling down, the ones that should occupy best qualified jobs are the worst generation of the history.
Let's wait one or two years for seeing a future beyond the crisis.

domingo, 24 de junio de 2012

Digital Trends about the most serious Internet Marketing facts in Spain in 2010 are made public. His last conclusion is that info about Internet use are low, but estimates that growth will be irresistible at least until 2015.
When we develop a strategy for a presence in the net, we should take into account some baseline data: the market we are addressing, the product we provide, the necessity for our product by the purchaser and lastly the channel that we utilize.

Where do we do Internet Marketing? 

If the channel that we made a decision to utilize a channel isn't adapted to the requirements of the customer, there is no likelihood of economic relations and the business fails. Therefore , info on marketing as provided in this type of studies is necessary for Internet or social networks.

The 1st basic fact is what number of people use the Internet? Clearly, an Internet technique, either Internet marketing or social networking requires a first necessary point: the future customer or "prospect" uses Internet and wants to buy.

Info: Objective, 2015

Internet use has been calculated and raises 61.8% of the population, and the amount of people using the Internet are 28 million folks. As we see, the lookout is for continuing growth and enlargement, despite being in a recession or stagnant economy.

has opened the door to two major probabilities. The first is an international market that is going to compete with local companies. The second is that local businesses now have the power to access new markets and marketing abroad.

What do you think about Internet Marketing?

We are enduring a revolution akin to the advent of mechanization in the countryside.
What's the future for 2012? I can agree with these data: It seems a webscan, with opportunities for investment, and industries can take profit in Internet if they select the best options and resources for using the net. If you want more information, you can find it in Abel Pardo.

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

5 Tips for building a web

Online Marketing for Marketers

1. Selecting a domain name
When picking a domain name we have three factors:
  • It has to be identifiable by our targeted customers
  • It must be short
  • It suits our Search Engine Optimization strategies
To do that we have 2 options.
The 1st one is when the needed domain is free. We can buy it for a bit less than $10.
The 2nd one is already occupied, which is available if we can evaluate the acquisition, and if it is we can make an offer to the owner. We have to think about SEO can be seen here:
We have got to price very well if the price we are willing to pay for a domain is sufficient, and we must study the degree of development of our digital marketing plan thru the selected name and the amount of visits that we get thru this name.

2. Name Registration
We need a first line company. This company must offer you the chance to buy available addresses and , the chance to offer an amount in case they have possession. It's important to select a provider with good prices.
The procedure have to be simple and immediate its discharge, so we will be able to save the price of search and comparison centralizing our domains there. It's a digital marketing (more info here: question.

3. Conversions
A good site is dedicated exclusively to prospect-customer conversion. Its design must be tasty and the profiles (not more than 3) well outlined but the name must connect to the content.

4. One domain or even more domains
Following our strategy for choosing the name, it must not to buy one domain, but all the ones that are in the orbit of our company to ensure that visitors who mistyped go to our website. And remember, this is also a need for preventing its acquisition by our competition. It's sad to notice how they buy similar domains to ours and they drive the traffic that we could have generated to their sites.
5. Social Networks
It's critical to mix this assignment with the policy of social networks. Why? It's important that our site address, email and social network names will be similar or even better, the same for all of them.
With this easy steps, we can build all our website plans, doing it after can complicate our way for success.

miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

Google+: the new era of Social Media

Google+ is one of the latest social media and the one that grew up in a fast way in less time. Now, Google+ is adding day by day several features for gaining market shareYoutube integration was a cool tool introduced not so long ago, being one of the more engaging ones Google+ Pages.

Google+ for a Digital Marketing Consultant

Google+ was created as a network for real people with name and surname were nicks were not authorized. In this sense, Brands and collectives were not allowed to sign for a Google+ account. 

Google+ had been just for real people, so, none could make a brand profile, like it may be done with nets like Facebook or Twitter without any problem.

True name, like Abel Pardo or whatever only have been Google's policy from the first days in this network, but it's an actual fact that this policy were damaging its development. 

What was the solution? Let brands to sign up for an account, what implied different changes for Google+: new logo, new try for attacking the control of Facebook and new campaigns where the result of this digital marketing strategy.

Do you need a Google+ brand

It could be. Now no-one knows what Google+ is for, and users probes it like if they were using Facebook, Twitter, both or a "combo".

My proposal is to apply for an account by two main reasons. First for having your own brand there, like a brand policy. Then has no cost, you can save money, so you've got to take in count time and resources your business is going to spend in that net.

Here I introduce you some questions

There are some things about if a brand really desires, needs or just wants a Google+ Pages account or not.

  • What are you going to do in Google+ Pages?
  • What are your objectives for this network?
  • Is it going to be interesting for your brand?
  • What type of profit are you waiting to take?
  • How many hours, resources, efforts are you going to spend in Google+?
  • Is your ROI going to be satisfactory or merely a joking?

These are the main questions for however that will try to develop some activities in this network, so, first think a bit about it and then develop your skills for getting your targeted objectives.

Don't forget to focus and have an Online Marketing Plan for reaching what you plan.

Targets, visitors and personas

Do you have to target?

Web gurus have suggested us to outline our targets and looking for criteria for developing personas. Is this necessary for presenting a web to a lead or costumer? Conclusively yes.

Merely a website developed for "being" or "showing" is demodé and put us out of the market. Our web is not for ourselves or for having the ok from the proprietary of the business, but for our future clients. Our presence in Web, when we are talking about marketing, must be a tool for engaging leads and convert them into customers. So , if our visitors have different profiles, we must evolve our website to the personas we wish to convert into clients. Here we'll save money in PPC.

How many segments should be made

It is necessary to have at least a pair of personas selected, being the perfect number between 3 and 7. My own suggestion is 3. Why? 3 personas cover all the personality characters and simplify the building of the site and that could be a reasonable number.

Why this number? The fact is that choosing 3 personas we can cover all the personality characters and clarify the building of the site. More of that would complicate our efforts and less could let a hole in our prospection. This is a key point for SEO purposes.

It's the same system for USA than for Europe.

Suggestions for a Web site

We have selected 3 personas for developing our systems. In this sense, it should be important to define the site for the following ones:

* Persona 1: Methodical folk
* Persona 2: Humanistic folk
* Persona 3: Spontaneous/competitive folks

You must change your site with the goal of converting all that kind of visitors or leads into customers and it is required, when defined, a clear call to action. So we need at least 3 calls to action, one for each personality.

Also, it's high recommendable to build three different landing pages or even three different subdomains where every kind of personality could find what they are attempting to find. After that, we have to develop a webscan for controlling everything goes OK and we are almost ready for digital marketing experiences.
So, we will be able to optimize our talents for converting them into new customers and get our objective for our site: profits.

Are you building a web for learning?

The first step for developing a Web foothold with students and/or orientated for students is to realize the methodology we are going to use. Marketing is one of the main tools for helping you.

A methodology based mainly on active e-learning or coaching systems in which the focus is on scholars and promotes the full involvement of each, valuing and validating their experiences.

In this way, players and feedback help to buttress the system of self-learning activity. They have courses in-house coaching, home-based learning, multimedia courses, e-learning and coaching through our virtual school room that might be virtually promoted.

Blessings of training are a couple. Flexible time and permanent access to the completing of the course (365 days / year) is as crucial as to offer access the course from any location all around the world.

In this sense, we could provide a reduction in training costs to the students and a relentless assessment. Customized teaching and good materials will guide a right method, and for a college level it's a key point also for teachers. That's a very important fact, so do not forget to keep a consistent updating of the contents and data.

Web advantages for learning or learning

The web can frequently offer a lot of options, and web learning increase them. Incidentally, we can propose a website design to help firms and get messages out there with a main objective: profits for your business finding customers.

This system starts when shoppers find your web, and here Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key point again. SEO plans ensure that you're in the best SERPs when consumers search for your services in search websites like Google or Bing.

Web Campus for learning: a tool for scholars and teachers
The Virtual Campus is the spot for sharing texts, developing exams and speaking to teachers in a web education process.
As well as the advised learning materials for each course, users can find in a virtual campus methodology for Internet.
This training system will supply students and teachers with training instructions and it's an excellent point to give more resources like online videos through the employing of multi-media and interactive learning resources.
If we do all these things, we will have a particularly customized and intuitive web, but also extremely instructive and ready for e-coaching.