jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Analyzing Audio Systems: i500 from Eissound

Multiroom Audio Systems: i500 Series

One of the major things we like to enjoy is music. The query is: can we hear music at home with quality? We are going to investigate some of the devices and the characteristics they have for doing it.
The i500 Series from Eissound is a Multiroom Audio System with a modern design and cutting edge technology that delivers superb sound quality to enjoy music from iPod, Radio, CD/DVD audio or MP3 player.This new system is intended to fit quietly into all decors, and let us manage all the tools.

Advantages: it's simple, it's effective, it's practice
The user friendly Remote Control gives us complete liberty. The simpleness makes it good, and the intuitive navigational menus permit full control of the system from anywhere in your house or building. This is a very good point that simplifies a lot all of the system. Home sound is a very good field for digital marketing consultants.
At the touch of our hand we may select our music, turn on the intercom system and programme such functions as the alarm and the baby listening gadget. The Radio Control is wireless and talks with the Primary Active Loudspeaker in each room, a good complemente.Multiple Remote Controls permit us to independently listen to different sound sources from those connected to the Central Unit.

Excellent technology
Only 1 glance and we appreciate the qualities of the new i500 Series Multiroom Audio System. Its chic design embodies the cutting edge technology utilized in the development of this Series.
Another good point: The producer has significantly simplified the installation. The standard bus connection is wired to the Central Unit and the Primary Active Loudspeakers and all the technology is incorporated into the two-way Speakers, giving a deep rich quality audio for home sound.

Disadvantages: delivery and price
It's wonderful, cleverly designed, well changed and with a superb technology, but it's not for everyone. All these componentes belongs the product into a costly one, so , just if you have money enough for paying it you are able to afford its costs. Home sound isn't cheap, but SEO tactics aren't too.
Also, there are not to many business for buying it, what makes of it a difficult to find and buy product. This is not an issue if you have cash enough for buying it and pay for the installation.
In resume, an excellent product if you can pay for it. Not just a marketing digital question, but a Marketing Mix -product, price, placement and promotion- one.

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