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New technologies in aerospace industry

Bollhoff and aerospace industry

Aerospace industry is, today, one of the main industries all around the world. An international service provider is one of the key points for developing a successful relationship between production and development. When doing that, a business, a company, can be considered as one of the leading suppliers of fastening, assembly, and systems technology all around the world.
Bollhoff, leader industry, have developed a high expertise from 135 years of experience, being the main basis of a successful family-run business that is now in its fourth generation in different countries. Products like Rivkle were highly spread and well known in different countries.
Bollhoff: Rivkle and Helicoil
Bollhoff produces Rivkle and Helicoil.

Products and quality: main basis

Bollhoff products include from the standard screw (DIN and ISO accorded) up to customer applications for individuals with more than 100,000 stocked articles. You can read more here:
These are the main objectives for aerospace industry:
The customer's added-value chain is always at the forefront in our work. Through innovative products, application-related consulting, assembly-related built-in solutions, as well as logistical service concepts, our more than 2000 motivated employees make a contribution to the productivity and process optimization of our customers.

Changes in the aerospace industry

In these days forecasts talk of a strong increase in the number of passengers and the aircraft fleet, being very popular through low-cost airlines. 
The high oil prices and other added costs, together with the recession in many economies all around the world and specially in Southern Europe, many aviation companies and their suppliers are right now in economic difficulties, and the public discusses air traffic critically. 
Bollhoff has a very high proposals quantity for reducing prices in their products that can help to overcome the crisis and high prices in oil. Helicoil or Rivquick are two of the main products produced by this company.
More information about Bollhoff can be found here.

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